Our main goal is to continue the Choctaw culture and traditions especially out here in California where we are far away from the everyday traditional life in Oklahoma and Mississippi. Although we have many different other pages and links, this page is here to inform you all about traditions and culture so that we can all have a slice of home...if you have information or questions, please email us at [email protected] and place traditions in the subject line.
Choctaw Symbols
Choctaw Pottery Made by: Black Wolf Pottery
Traditional Choctaw Baskets

Sifting Basket

Various Baskets...Beautiful Designs!
Life Essentials of Our Ancestors (Artifacts)

Traditional Baskets in the 1930's

Grinding/Pounding Tools

Sifting baskets used for corn

Blow Gun used for hunting small game
The Blow Guns are traditionally made of swamp cane, and hollowed for the dart to go through. To use the blow gun, place the end closest to the inserted dart, and blow as hard as you can aiming at your target...or "dinner".

Rabbit Stick used for hunting
The Rabbit Stick is traditionally made of special hickory grown in our home land, that is specially cured, dried and carved to resemble the picture above. This process is a tradition as well as very detailed and needs great attention, detail and knowledge on the process. To use the rabbit stick, simply hold the smaller end of the stick in your [throwing] hand and aim at your target (generally a rabbit) and throw to get your target.