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2022 Okla Chahta Clan Princesses

2022-2023 Council Members, Miss Okla Chahta Kaili, Junior Miss Okla Chahta Sylvie, Little Miss Okla Chahta Trinity, Chief Gary Batton, Assistant Chief Jack Austin and Choctaw Nation Royalty

2019 Okla Chahta Clan Princesses

2019-20 (Left to Right) Asst Chief Jack Austin, Junior Miss Taloa, Little Miss Rainy, Miss Okla Chahta Aimee and Chief Gary Batton

2018 Okla Chahta Clan Princesses

2018-19 (Left to Right) Chief Gary Batton, LIttle Miss Taloa Felihkatubbe, Miss Okla Chahta Torey Dolan, Junior Miss Nizoni Felihkatubbe and Asst Chief Jack Austin

2017 Okla Chahta Clan Princesses

2017-18 Sarah De Herrera, Little Miss Taloa Felihkatubbee, Junior Miss Torey Dolan, Miss Okla Chahta Aimee Roldan and Chief Gary Batton

2016 Okla Chahta Clan Princesses

2016-17 (Left to Right) Asst Chief Jack Austin Jr, Little Miss Natalie Carmack, Miss Okla Chahta Haley Scott, Junior Miss Kaili Harrison and Chief Gary Batton.

2015 Okla Chahta Clan Princesses

2015-16 Okla Chahta royalty crowned by Chief Batton - Junior Miss Okla Chahta Kaili Harrison and Miss Okla Chahta Haley Scott.

2014 Okla Chahta Clan Princesses

(Left to Right) Asst Chief Jack Austin Jr, Little Miss Kaili, Miss Okla Chahta Rosie, Jr. Miss Haley and Chief Gary Batton