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                                                                          Israel Folsom                                Chief David Folsom    

Below Are Some Original Enrollees:

William Folsom and James William Robinson

James and William Robinson


  Emeline Folsom Robinson                               William Folsom Robinson 


 James Robinson w/ grandson Bill Harrison

The above are ancestors of Bill Harrison, Okla Chahta Clan's President


We have genealogy back to 1500's  his Great-Great-Great Grandmother Aiahnichih Ohoyo (meaning of name woman to prefer above all others) was the niece of then  Chief Miko Puskush - Father of future Chief Moshulatubbe. The descended from a long ancient line of chiefs, and belonged to the ancient Iksa Hattak iholihta, one of the two great families, the other being Tashapaokla (part of the people). 

Chief David Folsom  & Israel Folsom were two of her sons, they were the brothers to Emily Folsom. 

Emily married Emziah Robinson and one of Emily's son, James Robinson married Emeline (pictured).

Emeline's son William (pictured) was Bill's great grandfather. William's only son, James was Bill's Grandfather.   

1)  Send in your family story and give a way for other to contact you i.e address or email, We will publish these stories in the newsletter and on the web page.

2) Send in your name, address, email and list the family lines that you are researching. We can then post them on the page as well as put on index card to have at the gathering where those looking to find people with the same line can have access to them.

 Theresa Harrison email [email protected] P.O. Box 80862 - Bakersfield, CA 93380 - 661-363-3863

Additionally, if you have ideas or suggestions please contact us.

Family History Web sites:

Leo Merryman's (ancestors and siblings):
Leo E. Merryman's extended family INFO:

I would really appreciate any communications from others concern related history of my Merryman family ancestors/relatives...

-  Thank you 
Russ Merryman

Folsom Family Association Web page:


If you are looking for relatives or other Choctaws that you have lost track of please email or write me at the above address (Theresa Harrison) if that person contacts us or if we have their address we will contact them and give the information on how to contact you 

(Please note: we will never give out addresses with permission)


New Search 

I'm looking into my ancestry . my grandma was Choctaw  Indian. as i searched family names Daniel and rose reeds trail keeps coming up. Daniel and rose was my grandmas family. my grandma was ruby mea snep. born to Hazel Reed, whom was Daniel and roses daughter. I was wondering through the information you have gathered can i be sent any information. also can someone explain why Daniel and Rose Reeds name and their experiences relate to the Choctaw Indians and bia. any information would we welcome. Angie  [email protected]

[email protected]New Search 


Rassie Lee Mahaffey ….male….Birth 1872.     Mississippi……..Death: Oct. 1898 or 1899…...Poteau, OK…………Burial:  Oct. 1898 or 1899…….Choctaw National Burial Grounds / Poteau, OK

 Father:  Alfred T. Mahaffey ….Mother:  Margaret Ann Ward

 I am trying to find out why he was buried in The Choctaw Cemetery.  I do not know if he was Choctaw or not.

 Thank you for any help you may be able to offer.

Ramona      [email protected]

New Search 

Halito my g-grandmothers name is Betty Elizabeth Willis Roll # 1345 .An original enrollee who was born in Indian Territory in 1884 and died In Arizona in 1967. Her father, my gg grandfather was named John Willis and his wife was Sammie Romine.  In 1896 they resided in Towson County, Indian Territory. . John Willis parents, my ggg grandparents were Willis Willis and wife Sophia they were both full bloods who resided in Red River County,  Indian Territory. I know they were both deceased before 1896 . They had a  daughter to as well as my gg grandfather John Willis who was  named Nancy Willis. She married a full blood named Gideon Cobb.( I think Nancy may have been my gg grandfathers twin but definitely his sister )  Nancy died in 1900 but she had two daughters with Gideon Cobb named Betty and Sophia, who would have been my g-grandmother Betty Willis 's  cousins. I am looking for any family connections as well as information on  Willis Willis, Sophie his wife, and John and Nancy( his children) where they are buried and dates of death. I would also like to know if Willis and Sophia had other children besides John and Nancy Willis . I have a Dawes packet for Sammie Romine, John Willis wife,  but information on John Willis and his parents who are my Choctaw  ancestors is sadly lacking. Any info to fill in missing blanks greatly appreciated.  Yakoke  -  Kathy <[email protected]>

New Search 

halito from anumpuli shali...chahta sia hoke!!!   from  janice weiss truit

Photo: william d weiss , pearl lillian smith (castilaw) is the great granddaughter of malinda folsom dean, the sister of emeline folsom

would love to hear from anyone who is related  - anumpuli shali... chahta sia hoke... <[email protected]>


New Search 

I am so happy to have found your beautiful website. My name is Denise Hanson and I am searching for my Choctaw family. My Grandfather, Robert Sullivan Beavers was born in 1923 in Oklahoma. His mother was Leetha (Graham) Beavers. My Grandfather's siblings are Leroy, Mary, Ola and Margaret. I have connected with none of my Choctaw family thus far. I would appreciate you sharing this information, publicly is fine, so that I may find some of my family. This is a brand new adventure so any information or guidance as to how or where to search is much appreciated. Thank you so much!

 Denise Hanson - [email protected]

New Search 

Mary Ann Waller - Mary Ann Celestine

I was googling my grandmaw's name Mary Ann Celestine and I came across your website.

Someone posted something about her on it. I believe it's a family member that we have lost contact with long before I was born. I'm 17 years old now and I am interested in the comment on your website. Everything it says about her is true. She had a sister named Dorothy and was from a home in Lacomb, La. She also came to New Orleans when she was 18 years old I believe to attend nursing school. If you can help me in any way possible, I'd appericate it.You can contact me on this email - [email protected]

Thank you, Brittney

Jane McCurtain (Zerena Ellis)

    Looking for my great grandmother, Jane McCurtain. She was married to Joshua McCurtain (roll # 9118). He died May 10, 1915. Her name may have been Zerena Ellis. I think Joshua was married around 3 times, so maybe Zerena is just a different wife.
    I was told Jane was white and very much disliked. I know she did not raise her daughter, who was my grandmother, Minnie Jane McCurtain (born 1885). Jane may have been dead or possibly in prison? Minnie was raised by her father, Joshua, and his sister, Rebecca Elizabeth (aka Peggy Witt / Darden) Thank you,
[email protected]

If you know this family or are related please contact us for this gentleman's contact information

Hi my birth name is Robin Lynn Wilson, I am seeking information about my father whose family are Oklahoma Choctaw and mixed with African American. He was born in Oklahoma and his name was Robert Nichols (I believe Sr) . My mothers name is Corinthia Wilson (at the time). Other places I know he has lived are Los Angeles area, and Arizona. I am desperately seeking a reconnection with him or any of my family members. Thank you

Robbie Wilson

If you know anyone of this family or have any leads - please email

Looking for relatives of my maternal great-grand father Joe Allen Dawes#3899 or his parents Polk and Julia Allen, his brothers Sam#6828, Frank#9882, or sister Elizabeth Allen#16103.  Joe came out west in the 30's the rest came in the early 40's to work in the shipyard and build planes at Douglas.  My father is also Choctaw, descendants of Joseph Channel, who now reside in Marksville, Louisiana.   Any family please contact me at [email protected]

Hello, I was hoping that I would find some answers with you. I am looking for whatever I could find about my gg grandfather. His name is Joel Curtis Dudley, he had a son named Walter C. Dudley who was born in Indian Territory Oklahoma in about 1885. Walter later moved to Little River Arkansas and married Effie Etta Baker. I would appreciate any and all help given. Thank you very much, Darrell Dudley, [email protected] <mailto:[email protected]>

I am needing information concerning William Stanton b. 1847 in Indian Territory  ( (OK)    Died 1887 in North McAlester OK.    He is on the 1885  Choctaw Census as 1/16  Choctaw Indian.    He is listed as 
William Stanton--wife Martha Stanton--children   William Henry,   Mary Lula,  Susie, Arthur, & Katy.   (Martha Estep Stanton was his 2nd wife) The first two children belong to William & his first wife  Liza Ann Kirk.
   I am searching for any information concerning this family.   I know that Martha Estep was married to a George Brashears before she married William Stanton. I also know that the Breashears & the Stantons were
closely related probably by marriage.   A man named Alan Stanton   (white man with an Indian Wife  )   was living beside the Tombigbee River in Alabama at the time of the 1830  Treaty of the Dancing Rabbit.   His
close neighbors who were enumerated with him were,  Turner Brashears, Delilah Brashears etc.  I think that Allen Stanton was married to a Brashears woman.   Does anyone know anything about this family?   If so,
please write to  
[email protected] or martha gujda. 


My name is Jerry Wood and I am looking for the family of my Great Grandmother her name was Lilly, she was full blood and married to David Harris who was also full blood. They had  three sons Solomon, Eastman, Allen and a daughter Minnie. They lived around Atoka. Lilly's name is mentioned on the Dawes Rolls as deceased, but no maiden name. I would like to find out her maiden name and see if we still have relatives living, on her side of the family. David Harris's father and mother were listed as To Tubbee and Oka Ha Hata.
Jerry Wood
[email protected]
211 W. Bush St.
Fort Bragg, Ca

Please help if you can: 

Leo Earl Merryman and
Oda N. Reynolds

I am looking for family relatives.  My Great-Grandfather Leo Merryman, born in Kully Chaha (Kulli Cha ha), Sugar Loaf Co., Moshulatubbee Dist., Choctaw Nation, Ind.Ter., (near present Poteau, LeFlore Co., Oklahoma) and later married Oda N. Reynolds.  I have put numerous postings on the Internet in my search for some long lost elder whom may know a bit of family tree information about relatives to my great-grandfather or descendants of his siblings or those of his aunts and uncles with not much success with contacts.  But, thought I'd try again here! 
     My Great-Grandfather (Leo) was born in 1891 and his father before him was David C. Merryman born also in the Choctaw Nation in 1853; while his grandmother Anny Scott-Merryman (and David's mother) was born in Mississippi before the 'Trail of Tears' removal to the new Choctaw Nation there in what of course became Oklahoma (aka land of the "red people").  Other spellings in past generations on Merryman - Merriman. Hopefully, this will help others to doing family tree research - also seeking family connections -  Thank you  
Russ Merryman
[email protected]


I am looking for information on my grandmother.  Her name was Barbara Ann Jones, she was born in Mississippi, probably in 1890's.  She had a twin sister who died in a wagon accident.  She also lived in Oklahoma and then later California.  She made beautiful wax roses according to my father.  She had a step brother or half brother with the surname of Beems or Beams.  She had about 14 children with surnames of Lauderdale, Yonker and Morse.  I would like to find out more information.

Rees Lauderdale, Lenexa, KS (email [email protected]

update.....update ..... scroll down page to see original

Dear Theresa,
This is regarding the Nelson Family for whom you've already listed for me (Thanx for keeping it in so long) I have uncovered some more information about Coleman E. Nelson my g-g-Grandfather and Rhoda (Underwood) Nelson.
As listed in the book "leader's and leading men of indian territory" they have listed several children -Gabriel, Alfred,Sukie,Rachel and Isaac. Rachel Nelson marrying into the Vinson Family,I guess i'm just writing in to sort of up-date my letter and hope some one will recognize these names .
Thank's  Leah Wright

searching for any information on my fathers' side of the family. My grandmother: Rhoda Jane Webb (Choctaw) Grandfather: William Washington Johnson Father James Luther Johnson born 7-27-1888 Spiro, Ok., Children Vera, Violet, Lilly, Grover, Ruby, Bonnie, Cherry, Jamie. Anyone with any hope for me please email me at [email protected] Thank you and be safe.

I'm searching for my birthmother and she may have been part Indian. I was born in Ada,OK on 04/29/68 to an 18 yr old woman named Janet Lee Jones. The only other things I know about her at this point are that she was staying at a motel that no longer exists, and that she was somehow involved with a carnival which also no longer exists.  In my search for information on her I keep coming up on sites for genealogy research for Indian tribes.  If you can help in any way I would greatly appreciate it. My name is Chuck Hornberger.  My email addy is [email protected]. Thank you and God bless, Chuck

I found your site from a link, and thought I would mention that I know of two Choctaws who came to California. One I met personally, her name is Fairy Trahern, I don't remember her married name. She was born in 1919 and resides in a nursing home in Stockton. Her son and husband passed away, and she has no family in the area. Her father was William T. Trahern, Census Card # 2697, Choctaw Nation, Choctaw by blood, Dawes # 7873, 1/2 Choctaw.
Another Trahern also came to Stockton, and was one of the early founders I believe. His name was George Washington Trahern, son of Wesley Trahern and Delilah Brashears. I am looking for information on his descendants. He married Henrietta Childers, and had three daughters, Laura b 1861, Rachel born 1863, and Lida born 1867. Jennifer
My geneaology page:
My choctaw history page:
My genealogical community:
Other email address:
[email protected]

Seeking birth date and place, and identities of parents of John Impson(b. between 1756 and 1765) who married Eleanor Carney and lived in Shawangunk, Ulster County, NY between 1790 and 1820. Whereabouts before and after unknown. They had at least seven children between 1790 and 1802.

Jim Smith

New Search

My name is Joyce Nowell - 
[email protected]
I am looking for information on Sim Harrison and Reason or Zachariah Jones, Bryan County and Choctaw County, Oklahoma.

New Search

I am looking for information about our family. My great-grandfather was a full blooded Choctaw.His last Name was WARD His first name I believe was Henry he had two son, Henry and Herbert.  He had one daughter her Name was Helen.He was born in 1900, I believe in Oklahoma, moved to California sometime in the early thirties Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Clifton Dennis
[email protected]

My mother has been doing genealogy work on our family the past few yrs. 
found very interesting facts.  My children are part Choctaw,  great
grandfather William turner Beal...   married to Katie & different
times  have children,  Easter , Phillip??? & Doris,.....Doris is their
grandmother...trying to find out more info of great great
grandparents....thanks   love the page
[email protected]  

New Search 

I am looking for descendants of James Isaac Mitts.  He was born on January 27,
1905 in Choctaw Nation in Indian Territory to parents, William Ed Mitts and
Lucinda Allen.  James moved to California sometime after the 1930's.  He died
in July of 1970, last known address San Jose, Santa Clara Cnty, CA.  James
was listed on the Dawes Rolls #488 as a Newborn Choctaw.  Looking for his
descendants.  I come down the line of James's oldest sibling Dora Elizabeth
Mitts (my great-grandma).  Contact me at
[email protected]

First Story - Brashears

What a great idea to be able to help search for family on this site!
We were at the gathering in Bakersfield over the weekend and had a good time. 

We're looking for information about Alfred (Alford) Brashears. He is my gr. grandfather:

    BRASHEARS, Albert - Choctaw, married Martha A. Grissom (born 1860),
a white, at Savanna.  He died at his home six miles from Savanna   He was a brother to George Brahsears, born in 1865 and a resident of Hartshorne.  Application for enrollment, Choctaw Nation, Case 5862. 
Information about my grandfather: Ira Beshears  b. Jan 27, 1896 in Sandridge, OK Ira is listed as Indian in the W.P.A census for Coal County. Family history say that Albert was Ira's father. We are having trouble proving when Albert died and exactly when Ira was born.  There seems to be a discrepancy in the records.  Would also like any information about Albert's parents or siblings. George Brashears testified at hearing for Martha Grissom to get Indian rights  (brother) L.E. Brashears signed the wedding certificate when Martha &
Albert were married. (relationship not mentioned) Martha's case number was 1234.
Would like to hear from anyone with any information or ideas. Thank you, Larry Harmon

Second Story & First  - Jones Family

My name is William Jones, am 19 and I am of Choctaw decedent. My father Roger "Tony" Jones is Half Choctaw and half Creek. His father is Wilson Jones, he was full blooded Choctaw. They moved to California back in the early 1950s. Well, he passed away back in May and my father and I didn't know much about our Choctaw side. So I started to look on the Internet about my family and I have found a lot! I am able to go back to my gggg grandfather Solomon Jones with the help of some cousins I found back in Oklahoma. I am having trouble on finding information on my gg grandparents Simon and Phoebe Jones, so I was wondering if anyone could help me out with on finding any information on them. They didn't have a roll number so its hard to find any information on them. They died prior to 1890, so their son Peter Jones went to live with his grandparents who were Edmond Jones and his wife which her name is unknown. Peter has a roll number because at time of enrollment he was living with his grandparents. I would also like it if anyone who knows my family could let me know and get a hold of me. We have lived in San Bernardino, CA since they moved here to CA back in the early 1950s. Also I would like to know if there
are any Indian churches in Southern California? All help is greatly appreciated. I hope to hear from someone soon!
Thank you so much,  William Jones (Choctaw/Creek)

Next - Jones Family

Jacob Jones

Jacob or Jake as he was called was born in 1850 in Red River County, Indian Territory. His parents were Silas and Bessie Jones. He had two sisters, Patsy and Kizziah, (she was also called Kizzie) Hampton, Heflin, Wilmoth. He has a brother Adam. There isn't anything else about his childhood or family. Jacob met Ellen, whose mother was Louisa Anderson and father was unknown, around 1877. He was on the Chickasaw 1878 annuity rolls with a wife and one child.. His oldest child was Osborne Jones, roll # 13995, he married Virginia Goode in 1900. The cause of death was unknown on 2-19-1915. Jacob called him "Osman"  On 11-28-1880, a second boy, William 9commonly called Billy was born. He later married Ruth Everett, a white lady. She petitioned long and hard to become a Choctaw citizen and succeeded. They were killed together in a buggy accident while crossing Muddy Boggy 9-21-1901. Jacob's first daughter, Luella, born in 1889 was nicknamed Minnie. She married George Hunter in 1889. Another son, John Jones was born, he was run over by a buggy and died from a leg wound and lock jaw.  Their last daughter, Pearl ones was born 8-16-1891 and she married Rosco Gardner. Pearl died 7-27-1916. Jacob was 6 foot tall, slim, healthy and strong with black hair and brown eyes. He could speak both Choctaw and English but could not read or write. He was 3/4 Choctaw. He was a farmer and raised bees for honey, cows, hogs, horses and mules. He was a hard worker and honest man. Jacob was know for being open, liked to talk and socialize and had a lot of friends. I was privileged to met Abe Winter, who at 7 years old, would go and have dinner at Jacob's ranch. He said kids loved going to Jacob's place and he would always ring a bell at lunchtime. Jacob' house a big frame with 7+ rooms, the big barn and corral were not far apart. It was located near Atoka. Abe' dad worked for Jacob. They would cut and bale meadow grass to feed the stock. Jacob had branded all his stock JJ. Jacob became a Lighthorseman in Pigeon Roast which earned his a spot in the 1905 picture of the last Choctaw Tribal Council at National Capitol Tuskahoma, Indian Territory. I wish, I knew some stories about his adventures as a Lighthorseman.

My Grandma, Virginia Goode Jones, Osborne's wife, told how Jacob always said "By Gosh". Jacob always rode a big horse when he came to visit them. They had two twin girls and Jacob brought them 2 little red rockers. After Ellen, Jacob's wife, died, he married Francis Johnson and had one son, Paul C. Jones. Jacob died on 9-5-1917 in Bennington, Ok. He was buried at the old Church Cemetery with a big tall marble headstone. After all of my research and talking to people that knew him, I have concluded that Jacob Jones lived a full and prosperous life with many friends. He was a honest hard working ma who had succeeded in life. I could hear Jacob say "I become a Lighthorseman because the land needed taming and I knew I could do it." If anyone know any more stories about him or his family, Please let me know.

Second - Nelson Family

Dear Theresa ,
Here is the information regarding my family history as we had talked about earlier last week :                                On the earliest family card I have listed
Rhoda (Underwood) Nelson married to Coleman E.Nelson ( listed in The Rise And Fall Of The Choctaw Nation ) they lived in Kiamitchi county in the 1890s and had one son Isaac,Of the next generation down I have census card#1566 and the following:
Isaac Nelson roll #4420
Emma Nelson roll #4421
Allington T. Nelson roll #4423
Leo B. Nelson roll #4424--also my grandfather
Grace M. Nelson roll#4425
Patsy Nelson roll#4426
Annie Nelson roll#4427
Cole Nelson roll#4428       
Please If there is anyway you could assist me in finding the descendant's of this family i would greatly appreciate it 
Thank You Leah Wright

If you have information on this Nelson Line please contact me & we will get you and Leah together to share ancestors

Second - Popkes

Dear Theresa Harrison,

I am looking for a Choctaw woman, her name is opal lee Popkes. My name is Christian Popkes and I really want to find out how we are related. thanks for your help Christian

[email protected]   


Coleman E. Nelson

I am looking for any and all information regarding the Descendant's of
Coleman E. Nelson and his wife Rhoda (Underwood) He and his wife were last
living in Kiamichi county  around 1860 and did have several children. He is Written about in"  The Rise and Fall of The Choctaw Nation " and also
"Leader's and leading men of the Indian Territory " and was very well liked and admired. Any info would be greatly appreciated as he is my g-grandfather .
     Thank you  Leah wood

[email protected]



Nora Glipsy

I am looking for information on Nora Glipsy (not sure if spelled correctly). Possibly born in Oklahoma or Mississippi. Nora married John Henretty. They had 3 daughters, May, Violet, and Elizabeth. Elizabeth is my grandmother (born 4-11-1906). If anyone has some information please email. I would like to have any records I can get for our family tree. 

Thank you so much

Connie Farrell

[email protected]

Johnnie Kate War & Family

Looking for information on Johnnie Kate War and family of the Broken Bow/Valliant area. 

Shannon Robertson

1004 Bermuda Drive

Stigler, Oklahoma 74462

918-967-4137 or 918-967-4651

[email protected]




Myrtle Fulsom Palmer

I am searching for ancestors of Myrtle Fulsom Palmer. Myrtle was born January 19, 1896, in Indian Territory, Oklahoma, and died March 13, 1972. She married Lemuel Jackson (Jack) Coplen on January 18, 1903, in Stigler, Oklahoma. Her mother was Adline Fulson Palmer and her father was Benjamin Franklin Palmer. I believe Myrtle's grandmother was Heggit Pickens Fulsom and her grandfather was Armstrong Fulson. I would like to secure additional information about Myrtle's parents, grandparents, and other ancestors. Any information you can provide me will be greatly appreciated.

Larry Moody

[email protected]

Smallwood Family

We are searching for information on the Smallwood family in Oklahoma. The older family members are buried out of Calvin in Hughes County in the Blue Ridge cemetery. The oldest family member identified is Jefferson Hicks Smallwood who is my husband's maternal great-great-grandfather. Mr. Smallwood married Elizabeth Leath Smallwood sometime around mid-19th century. Mrs. Smallwood is known to the family as being of Choctaw ancestry. They had at least two children, a son William Churchill Smallwood 8-29-1863 - 2-21-1923 and a daughter Sally Smallwood and maybe another named Kate. WE are very interested in having information on our Choctaw ancestry and appreciate any assistance with this matter.

Robert E. Roberts

2711 Newbury Ct.

Pearland, Texas 77584

[email protected]

Ann Howell

My name is Shelli Walters and I am looking for any information I can get on Ann Howell. She was my great-great-great-grandmother and I need to find out about her and any of her relations whom I don't already know. I was told that she lived on the Choctaw reservation all of her life and that she was a half-blood. Her father was white and her mother American Indian. I believe her daughter's name was Dellie Ellen Coppedge. I need this information to complete some holes in my life. If anyone has any information on her please contact me at [email protected] 

Thank you

Shelli Walters



Zachary Gardner


I would like any information on the offspring Zachary fathered.  He wasliving at the Gardner mansion in Eagletown.  Any information will be most

[email protected]





James Taylor

I am trying to locate some family history on a James Taylor. All I know is that he was married to a Choctaw and they had four children, one of which was Joseph David Taylor, Born May 3, 1900 - 1901 in Crowder City. Joseph is my grandfather. Any assistance you can give me would be of great help. 

Thank you

Linda Davidge

[email protected]

Marinda Josephine Gittings

I am looking for information on my great-grandmother, Marinda Josephine Gittings, born in Marion Co., Ill on August 26, 1865. She was reputed to have been Choctaw and to have lived on the Oklahoma reservation for a short time. She married Charles Henry Dobbs in Wayne Co., Ill. on July 5, 1885. On official documents, Marinda's name has been given as Marinda, Myrinda, Mary and Josephine. Documents also have her maiden name given as Gittings, Gettings and Gideon. Marinda and Charles had the following children: William, Laura Bell, George Edgar, Leathie, Charles, Jessie, Thomas, Susie, John, Lawrence, James, Roy, Lester and Frank. Photos of Marinda and her daughter, Susie can be found at 

Thank you


Cathy Sisson

P.O. Box 317

Pullman, MI 49450


[email protected]

Fountain Price

Hello! I am looking for any information on my great-grandfather "Fountain Price". He is believed to have been full or half Choctaw Indian. He was born around 1850 to 1860  in or somewhere around McCurtain, Oklahoma. He then married a Ms. Luvall and had two children, Rosie and Mac Price. My great-grandmother passed away in early 1902 and then Fountain moved on and eventually left the children with family and that is just about all we know of him. Any info would be appreciated. My grandmother Rosie has now passed on and her one wish was to know all she could about her father and heritage, so I am doing this in her memory. 

Thank you, and God Bless

Lori Tune

[email protected]


I am searching for my great-grandmother who was full-blood Choctaw. Unfortunately, in my grandfather's time, they "hid" their heritage due to the prevailing prejudices of the time. Can anyone tell me if they remember a name of Pitts in their research? The family lived in Durant, Oklahoma. They had a son (my grandfather) whom I believe was named Roy Pitts. He was married to my grandmother, Josie, and he worked for the telephone company there in Durant. He died when I was a baby and Grandmother Josie died in the late '70s. They had four children, Paul, Roy "Ben" and two daughters. My father was Roy "Ben" Pitts. I would appreciate any help for I have long wanted to find my great-grandmother as out of five brothers and sisters, I'm the one who received the Choctaw genes. Thank you.

Cheryl (Pitts) Fielder

  [email protected]

Mary Williams

I am searching for my great grandmother. Her name was Mary Williams, married to Ed Brown. She lived on an Oklahoma Indian Territory (territory is unknown) in the early 1900's. Her sister's name was Blanche Williams. Names are far and few to come by in our family due to them being "bootleggers". Mary's birth date is Oct. 23rd, 1896. If anyone has any information, please email.

Thank you

[email protected]





Frank Anukytubee Williams

While reading stories of original enrollees, I came across the name, Frank Anukytubee Williams. This is my husband's and his sister's great-grandfather. They would like to contact the author of his story, Ruby Elixier Mandelin. My sister-in-law met her once a long time ago. I appreciate any help. Than you.

Preston and Helen Hannah

Email: [email protected]

Maudie Wesley

Hello, I am Kelly Shaw from California. My grandmother was 1/2 Choctaw from Oklahoma. Maudie's father was Jackson Wesley. I am looking for information about my family. If anyone knows of Jackson, please email me.


[email protected]


Garrett T. McClure

Garrett T. McClure is my Grandfather who lived in Rock Island and Cameron Oklahoma. He was half Choctaw and on the Dawes Roll.  He was a Justice of the Peace for many years and was active in Indian Affairs holding several positions in the Choctaw  Nation.  He was married to Edna Wolfe.  He is
profiled in the book "The Proud Heritage of LeFlore County" by Henry L.
Peck.  However, I cannot find any other information about his ancestors.  I would appreciate any information anyone would have.  

Thank You  Frances Scott 

 [email protected]

Elmer F. Ward

Elmer Ward was my grandfather. I know he had a brother named Lee. His father died when they were young. Their mother remarried a Longstrath and had other children. I am looking for the name of my great-grandmother. Please email Cherrise Thomas with any information.

Thank you

[email protected]



John Paul & Rita Story

 My mother's grandparents were named John Paul & Mary Story. They were Choctaw Indians from Oklahoma. My grandmother's name is Mary Story. If you have any info please email   

Thank You.

[email protected]


Lydia A. Jones

I am looking for anything on Lydia A. Jones. She is on the Choctaw Freedman rolls. She was owned by Robert L. Jones and married Randolph Newsom in 1868 in Jonson Arkansas. If anyone has any knowledge of them please contact me.

Thank you

Angie Arnold

[email protected]

Moses Alvin Hunter

I am looking for the roll number of my Great Grandfather Moses Alvin
Hunter.  If anyone has any information please email me at

[email protected].  

Thank you





Jeremiah Carney

Seeking descendants of Jeremiah Carney, half-Choctaw, who lived on Robinson Road, Madison Co., MS. Signer of Doak's and Dancing Rabbit Creek Treaties, fought in War of 1812 as Corporal & Captain. Died 1848 before emigrating. Children were: Harris Carney, lived in Nashoba Co. Oklahoma in 1855; Martha Carney who married a Carney, no record on her but important I find her descendants.; David Carney, in Skullyville, Indian Territory in 1855 Census; Mima (Jemimah) married white man John Taylor not sure they emigrated; Daniel Carney who emigrated in 1845 and was in Skullyville - did he remain there? Lila Carney Pollard, 6018 Sunrise Circle, Franklin, TN 37067-8238. Jeremiah's wife was Em-mah-ka and believe she also emigrated. 

Email: [email protected]

Joseph R. H. Ward

I am looking for information my great grandfather, Joseph R. H. Ward.  My
grandfather, his son, is Willis Ward.  My father, Christopher Columbus Ward.


[email protected]


Alfred Wade

I am looking for any information about my ancestor, Alfred Wade and his father Captain John Wade. Any help would be appreciated greatly.

Thank you

Mike Kennedy

[email protected]


My great-great-grandmother's name was Sa-wi-cha. She may have been a LeFlore. She was married to William McCurtain. They are listed as the parents of Joshua McCurtain Roll# 9118, my great-grandfather, and are also the parents
of Melissa, Sillen, Fannie, George, Sampson, and Rebecca Elizabeth (AKA Peggy Witt). If you have any information please contact me at email below. Thank you

[email protected]



Arlie Worley or William Logan

I am seeking any information about my grandmother and grandfather. There names are the only information I have. I am not sure about the actual spelling of Arlie Worley, and William Logan may have been Frank Logan. I know Arlie is buried in somewhere near Boggy depot. William or Frank apparently died somewhere in California. They gave birth to three children. Donald W. Logan, Jennie May Logan, (Hunter), and James Arthur Logan. I have been told in the past that they were members of the Choctaw Nation. This is the only information I have.

Thank you

Mike Logan

[email protected]

Spencer Cooper and Bessie Anderson Cooper

My grandfather was the late Preston Lester Cooper, born 11-23-1910--- died 1-30-1961. I would like any information on his parents Spencer Cooper and Bessie Anderson Cooper. I know Spencer was born in 1885 in Miss. and died in Kiowa, Ok. but I don't know when. I know Bessie was born 3-4-1893 in Ok. and died in Ada, Ok. in 8-1964. I also know Spencers' fathers name was Jacob Cooper, and I think his mother was Senie? Bessies' father was Tom Anderson and mother was Mary McCann. And I think Tom's father was William Anderson. this is all I have and these are the only dates I have. Would like any information from anyone. My Mother Bertie Lee Ann Cooper Williams started this family tree before she past away. I would like to finish it for her if I can. Bertie Williams 6-26-1935-----7-26-1995     

Thank you, 

Angela Williams Prowse

[email protected]


I am looking for any information on the following Choctaw ancestors: Chirkapuma (b. 1830s?); Andrew Jackson, son of Francis Marion Jackson and Emlay May; Cherry Williams. According to family letters, one of these families led to Martha Fatima Mizell, who had several children, one of whom was my grandfather-Daniel Snow. Any information is greatly appreciated. 

Thank you

David Snow

[email protected]






Walter Elwood Smith

My name is Robert Baker and I am looking for someone to assist me in reestablishing my families heritage. My great-great-grandfather accepted a land grant and left the reservation in Broken Bow, OK the year I am not sure of. I can give you his government name. It is Walter Elwood Smith, I believe his Indian name was Matahah unsure of the spelling. Please contact me if you have any information. Thank you

[email protected]



Annie C. Collin

Hopefully someone can help us with our search for information on family members. In the Dawes family census rolls card no. 1099 Annie C. Collin is listed with roll no. 2935, she is our great grandmother. Our mother is Zola Mae Smith. They were born in Mill Creek, Oklahoma 1919 and 1921. They do not know their roll numbers. Any information would be greatly appreciated.


Sharon Evans

[email protected]

John E. Drake

John was my grandfather. I know about everyone under him. I would like to know about him and his family if any one knows anything please e-mail me  Frances (Drake) Gardner. Thank you

[email protected]





I have found in Washington NARA on the internet the roll numbers of Choctaws by blood. There is 3 enrollment members and numbers that I would like to find out about. Can you help me? Their names are Mary A. King, Thomas King and Willis King. Can I write or call somewhere to find out if these King's are my relatives for sure? Please advice me. Thank you

Edna Miller

P.O. Box 923

Quapaw, Oklahoma 74363

[email protected]

Mary Ann Celestine

I am trying to find out the family history of my grandmother. I know she was Choctaw and lived in a convent for foster children in Lacombe, LA. Her name is Mary Ann Celestine and she had a sister at the same home by the name of Dorothy. When she was 18 she was given money and sent to New Orleans to attend nursing school. If anyone has any information please email me. Thank you

[email protected]


Elizabeth Bishop

I am looking for any information on Elizabeth Bishop. I have no maiden name for her. She married to a Thomas or William Bishop. She lived on Indian Territory and had children. She was either born, married or lived on Muskogee Indian Territory. This is a big missing link in our family history. If anyone has any information we would be so happy to receive it. Thank you

Virginia Nettles

[email protected]

Henry Jordan 

Henry Jordan was my great-great grandfather. I am trying to find out more about him. He is in the Master's Report Judgment made in the Central District held in South McAlester in Indian Territory on the 19th day of January 1898. The Dawes Commission Number is 850. I hope you can help me in my search. Thank you

Linda Fullingim


[email protected]






Robert Melvin Jones

My name is Shirley Gilpin, I am looking for any one who is related to me through my great grandfather Robert Melvin Jones, or any information involving him. His birth date is August 31, 1889. I do know that he eventually became a helper of some sort to the chief when my grandmother was a small girl. He was also on the tribal council, I believe it was in Lawton, Oklahoma as that is where my grandmother Shirley Ann Jones was born and raised. Any information I can get will be very helpful.

Thank you

Shirley Gilpin

[email protected]

Sarah Nevills

I am trying to locate information on my great-great grandmother Sarah Nevills or maybe spelled Nevels/ Nevils. She was suppose to be full blood Choctaw and married a James Otis Woolley in 1840 in South Carolina or Georgia. Sarah was born around 1824 in Georgia? Can anyone help? Thank you

Vera Harrelson Watterson

[email protected]

Lanai Erwin

I would dearly love to contact a Lanai Erwin, (spelling may be wrong) who I met while on holiday in Mexico. I only know that she is part Choctaw, lives in your state near the Canadian border, and saves stray animals. Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated. My thanks in anticipation.


[email protected]

Florence Bateman

I am trying to find out about my Choctaw heritage. All I have are some
names. Florence Bateman who is either a mother, daughter or sister of a
Pushmataha. Florence had a daughter Florence Robinson who married a
William Dixon. I do not know if William Dixon is Billy Dixon the Indian
fighter. If any one could shed some light on this it would be greatly

Joe Gilliam
[email protected]

Sarah Julina Womack

I am looking for my great grandmother, Sarah Julina Womack. She was born in Arkansas on January 5, 1859. Her father was William C. Womack and her mother was Elizabeth J. Corder. For as long as memory serves me, I have been told my Sarah was Choctaw. Your assistance is much appreciated.

Barbara Cordray

[email protected]



Theodore Gleason

I am looking for my half brother. His name is Theodore Gleason. He was born in Dallas, Texas in 1961? Our mother was a full blood American Indian. Her name was Josephine Johnson, origin around Oklahoma City . I understand her father was a preacher. All of the family was in ministry work. I have not seen nor heard from my half brother in forty years. I would like some help in finding him. Please email with any information. Thank you and God Bless.

Harry Gleason

[email protected]



I am searching for any related Durant family members from my father's side. I was born in 1967 in Hayward, California to Elena Maria and Robert James Durant. My father passed away in the early 70s and mother followed in 1983. All the information I have on my father is that he was from Oklahoma and his father was a full-blood Choctaw Indian making me 1/4 Choctaw. Any information or ideas will be appreciated.


[email protected]



Lillie Brazilia Dunn (White) Gill

I am looking for relatives who might have information on my great-grandmother's sister, Lillie Brazilia Dunn (White) Gill, and therefore information about our Choctaw ancestors. There was an article in the Original Enrollees section of the Choctaw webpage on Lillie Brazilia and her granddaughter, Rosamay (Beal) McDowell was the author. If you have information about these individuals, please contact me. Thank you. 

Janette Scott

405 Ranchcrest Rd.

Lorena, TX 76655 

Email: [email protected]


Chief Allen Wright

I am trying to find descendants of Allen Wright that are living today. Allen Wright was my great-grandfather and his daughter Mary Wright was my grandmother. I am seeking information on finding Mary Wright's descendants or her brothers and sisters kin. I have information that my grandfather Albert Robinson and Mary Wright were married. My father's name was William Son Robinson and was born at Fort Towson on February 15, 1907. I was told he may have changed the spelling of his last name from Roberson to Robinson. I know he had brothers James (Jim), Mont, Albert Jr. and was told he had sisters. Thanking you in advance. 

Bill Robinson Jr.,

[email protected]

Vera Louise Campbell

I am looking for information on my grandmother, Vera Louise Campbell. She was born somewhere in Texas on August 19, 1894 to P.C. Campbell and Nancy Starkey. I think P.C.'s name was Clayburn. Nancy was daughter to Savern Dollison Starkey from Shelby County, Tennessee and Malissa Duck, probably from Tennessee, also. P.C. and Nancy were married in Potts Sta., Pope County, Arkansas about 1893. Vera married John Holt in Texas about 1914. This is all I know about her except for her children and grandchildren. I would be so grateful for any information. Thank you.

Ruth Greenlee

2714 S. Locust

Visalia, CA 93277


Garner, Blasengame, Taylor & Bear

I am looking for information on the names; Andrew Garner; Clara Blasengame or Blasingame; James Monroe Taylor; Salley Bear; Henry Bear, all was from Stuart Oklahoma (Hughes County) they moved to California in 1928 or 1929. I am their granddaughter and great granddaughter. Any and all information would be very much appreciated. Thank you

Linda Carrell

[email protected]





John W. and Sarah Naomi Green

I am in search of information on my Choctaw ancestors. My grandfather's name was John W. Green. He married Sarah Naomi. I believe her maiden name was Willis. They were both from Talihina, Oklahoma. My grandfather passed on before I was born. My grandmother then moved to McAlester, Oklahoma where she lived until she passed on. All I know is my grandfather's father's name was Chester. If anyone may remember them or have any knowledge of them, please contact me. It would be greatly appreciated.

Keila Ann Roscoe Cormier

124 W. Hwy. 45

North Huntsville, TX 77340


Ruby Jewl Manning or Bennie Manning

I am currently looking for any relatives or friends of Ruby Jewel Manning who is the wife of Oklahoma Native Bennie Manning. Later both parties moved to Bakersfield California. At this time I do not know any relatives of Bennie Manning. Ruby Manning passed on in Bakersfield, California on October of 1989. If anyone has any information on the whereabouts of family or friends please contact me. Thank you, may you be blessed in your search.

[email protected]




G.T. Robinson

I am looking for information on the Robinson side of my family. My great grandfather's, (1st name: Greene or Green, middle name: Tyre or Tyree, last name: Robinson) mother was Choctaw. I don't know her name or the 1st name of the Robinson she married. The information I have is listed below. 

My grandfather: Harvey Ernest Robinson. His father: Green/Greene Tyre/Tyree Robinson born. February or March of 1847 or G.T. Robinson's father: Unknown name (born 1820's?) said to have played the fiddle. Unknown's father smashed the fiddle over unknown's head because unknown Sr. thought music was sinful. Because of this fight, unknown Jr. ran away to Mississippi where he married a Choctaw woman. Unknown Jr. is said to have been taught Choctaw medicine by the Choctaws.

Additionally, the Robinson side of my family supposedly came from Ireland. I read recently in a history book, that the Choctaw tribe sent money to Ireland during the potato famine. My Robinson/Bryant family trail includes Spartanburg, SC; MS; possibly KY; probably TN.; definitely MO. and CO. If anybody out there has any information or ideas, please e-mail me. Thank you.

Susan Robinson

[email protected]



William Pleasant Johnson

I am trying to collect information for a number of ancestors, and am needing help in tying them together. William Pleasant (aka "Sam") Johnson ca. 1835-1900 born in Virginia, Civil War Veteran. Supposedly married Choctaw or Chickasaw woman in Alabama or Mississippi right after the Civil War. Moved to Arkansas or Indian Territory in 1870's or 1800's. There is a William Johnson (#224) listed as "Intruder in Choctaw Nation, Moshalatubbee District, Skullyville, Green Mill Post Office, 1882."I have his wife's name as "Flora Earls". 

William Lonis Johnson 1867-1939 (my great-grandfather) Son of William P. Johnson. Born in Parrish, Alabama and died in Ft. Smith, Arkansas. My grandfather told me that as a child during the early 1900's (before 1910) the whole family would spend the summer traveling through Indian Territory from Ft. Smith, Skullyville, Poteau, and Durant, all the way to Paris, Texas, visiting family all along the way adn back. Our family records show his wife's name was Henrietta Rush (died 1929), from Alabama, but his death certificate has the widow's name as "Effie", so he must have re-married. I have found a William Johnson, white, age 44, as a Choctaw Citizen by Marriage, Roll #630, Census Card #761 but am not sure as how to determine who this man is. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

David Vanderpool

1310 W. 4th St.

Coffeyville, KS 67337

no email


Myrtle James

My grandmother was Choctaw/Chickasaw. Her maiden name was Myrtle James. Her father was Mose James. I would like to hear from any relatives.

Thank you

Rick Wolfe

[email protected]





Stubbs & Beets

Jewel America Stubbs was born in Chickasaw, Oklahoma April 30, 1897. She was married in the same town around 1915 to Benjamin Franklin Beets. Her parents are Frank Clark Stubbs, born in Rockford, Illinois, February 20, 1870 and Julia America Gamble, born in Marion County, Alabama in December 29, 1874. Frank Clark Stubbs' father, Henry Bascom Stubbs died in Chickasaw, Oklahoma also, but the year isn't known. I would appreciate any help. I am unable to travel to a location where the Dawes Rolls are kept to see if there are any listings. Please email with any information. Thank you!

Rhonda Newman

[email protected]

Bettie Elizabeth Murphy

My family is lost in looking for family members. Our Grandmother Bettie Elizabeth Murphy was a Choctaw from Clarke County. She was married in 1900 to Ruben Taylor. Please email with any information.

Thank you

[email protected]





I am looking for information on my wife's Choctaw ancestors. All from Oklahoma. Unfortunately, we do not know the exact town/area of their residence. Her great-grandfather was Thompson Anderson, roll#14842, her great-great uncle was William Anderson, roll#13593. Her grandmother was Mary Anderson, born March 23, 1900, roll#14844. Any information would be appreciated.

Larry Dickerson

Sandra Brown Dickerson

Fort Worth, Texas

[email protected]

Levi Whitebear

I am trying to find information about Levi Whitebear. I am unsure if he was from the Chickasaw or Choctaw Tribe. I know that they resided in Lawton, Oklahoma and he married Ethel Knowles. Please direct all responses to N. Martin at 

[email protected]

Thank you



I am trying to get any information I can on Elmer Ray Murray, son of William Griff Murray and Ruthie Ann Smallwood Murray. Brothers: Charles Griff Murray and D.C. Murray, Sisters; Edna, Emogene, Jewell, Helen and Edie. Elmer Murray was my father. I never knew him. My name was Frank Daniel Murray, I was born in Oklahoma City in 1952. My adopted name now is Frank D. Solano.

Thank you

[email protected]


I am the great granddaughter of original enrollees: Caroline Harris Rushing and Joseph Rushing. Caroline was originally an enrollee of the Chickasaw nation and later transferred to the Choctaw rolls. I am the granddaughter of original minor enrollee, Jessie Joseph Rushing, born in 1905. Jessie had at least 6 siblings: Charles, Mary, Grace, Bertha, LeRoy and Minta. My father was Billy Richard Rushing, born in 1923. He attended one of the boy's academies. I am not sure which one. If there are any living family members of my grandfather or his brothers and sisters who would like to be in touch with me, I am Melba June Rushing Baunach. I was born in and still live in Oregon. I have never met any of my father's family and would like to. Thank you

[email protected]


Frazier ~ Durant

I am looking for information on the Bessie Durant's family. I know there was a Peter Durant that was a light horseman but not sure if this was a brother or the father of Bessie. 

Also I am looking for information on a Maggie Frazier. This seems to be a great-great-grandmother. I found some information in an old book. Could you help find my ties? Any information would be appreciated

Thank you

[email protected]




Henry Allen Kirk

I am searching for my great grandfather's people. His name is Henry Allen Kirk. He was married to Katy Ann Elizabeth Justice. Henry's fathers name is Lewis Kirk. Please contact me if you have any information. Thank you

[email protected]


Chili Fish Howard

When I was young, my grandmother told me her father was Chief Chili Fish Howard of the Choctaw Indian Tribe. The Indian heritage supposedly comes from my maternal side. My mother was born in Keota, Oklahoma. If you have any information on Chili Fish, I would appreciate hearing from you.

Thank you

[email protected]

Alexander & Hoyhoke McCann

I am searching for information on Alexander and Hoyhoke McCann who are buried in Star Cemetery in Haskell Co. I believe they were related to my dad's father, Sampson McCann who is listed on the Dawes Rolls as Newborn Choctaw by Blood no. 398 and was 1/4 Choctaw. Sampson was killed in 1929 in Keota along with his brother Henry. Any information would be helpful. Thank you

R.A. McCann

[email protected]



Gromey Mable Austin

I'm looking for information on my grandma's family. My grandmother was Gromey Mable Austin; born 6-30-1916. She had a twin sister named Groney Austin. She went to school D-4 in McCurtain Co. in 1928. She was born in Broken Bow, Oklahoma. We would like to get information on her mother Amerson Thweet who was Choctaw, she passed away around 1928 and was married to Lonzo (Alonzo) Austin. I know very little about my grandmothers young life and nothing about her parents. I would like to find this information before its lost for good. You can write me at:

Sandra Robinson

P.O. Box 53

Oark, Arkansas 72852

[email protected]

Cyrus H. Kingsbury

My ancestry Cyrus H. Kingsbury is listed on the by blood roll and we are looking for any descendants of the "Wrights" that may have material left in regards to Rev. Cyrus Kingsbury and the Hotchkins. We have some old articles showing Cyrus sister Lucy Littlepage and one of the Wrights, but looking for any photo of Cyrus H. Thanks in advance.

[email protected]

Mary Emma Cobb

I am looking for any information on Mary Emma Cobb or her mother Alma Hutchinson. I am of no relation. I am trying to find this information for Mary Cobb's daughter, who is now 73 years old. Mary Emma Cobb died in Oklahoma. She was full blood Cherokee Indian and we are trying to find out any information. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you

[email protected]

Hanks ~ Hawks Family

I am the granddaughter of James Andrew Hanks. His fathers name was Richard Hanks. I am trying to find out what his grandfathers name was or the names of any other relatives. I believe James Hawks may be related but I am not sure. I think there was a name change from Hanks to Hawks. Thank you

[email protected]

Charles  and Alise Ward

I am looking for information about my great-grandparents. Their names were Charles and Alise Ward. Alise maiden name was Clark. Charles name is on the final roll of Choctaws by blood. If you have any information please contact me. Thank you

 [email protected]


Hugh Henry Brown

I am looking for information on Hugh Henry Brown, born April 3, 1872. He married Dora Francis McCabe on April 1, 1893. Dora's birthday is December 12, 1878. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

[email protected]

Charles Sanguin

Researching background of Charles Sanguin birthdate 1845, death 1879 Goodland, husband to Susan Spring and father/grandfather to original enrollees, Henry (son) and Lena (granddaughter).

[email protected]

Patrick ~ Crowe

I am seeking to establish my heritage. I know only the following: My mother Tommiliea Rose Patrick was claimed to be 1/2 Choctaw and 1/2 Irish. Her mother (Marye Rose Patrick - maiden name Crowe) born 10-08-1921 in Arizona. Their mother (my great grandmother - was Drusilla Crowe (maiden name Henderson) born 9-19-1901 and she appears on the census rolls in Wallaceburg, Bothwell District, Ontario, Canada in 1901. Drusilla possibly had a sister Edna Margaret Crowe who appears to have been born 6-27-1893 in New Westminster according to the British Columbia Archives. The family story had always and the father took custody of the children. He later abandoned the children in Los Angeles at an early age - Mary was 13. My mother has died, and so has all relatives on my mothers side. I have no means to verify my heritage. If you can offer any help please contact me. Thanks in advance.

[email protected]

Claybourne ~ Higginbotham

Hi! I am looking for information regarding my great-grandmother. My information is limited to last name of Claybourne and she lived in Deer, Arkansas. My grandmother (her daughter) was Alice Higginbotham born June 10, 1890. My brother and I were told my great-grandmother was Choctaw but declined to give us anymore info. If anyone knows this name or any other info, I would greatly appriciate it. Also, any other way I could research this. Thanks so much! Cheryl Bowles

[email protected]





Crawford Bates

I need info on my great great grandfather, his name was Crawford Bates and is believed to have been from MS. I can find no records of him except where his wife, Francis Emily Edwards was given a patent in Dardanelle, Arkansas, (Logan County) at his death in 1882. I also found where he was a Pvt. in the Unassigned Illinois Volunteers during the Civil War. I have been told he was Choctaw Indian. If anyone can help this would be appreciated. 

[email protected]

Agnes Turnbull

Looking for any information on Agnes Turnbull. She was married to John Alexander Stone. Her son, Arthur A. Stone was my husbands grandfather. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

[email protected]




William C. Nail

Looking for information on William C. Nail, great-great-grandfather, first married to full-blood Choctaw in Mississippi who was the mother of nine of his children. My great-grandfather was one of those children. We know he migrated to Texas in 1831 from Mississippi and have documents from Mississippi on his land but no name for his wife. Any information would be helpful. Thank you Valeria D Nail-Silas

[email protected]

Walter Russell Johns

I am looking for any information on Walter Russell Johns. I am his granddaughter and would like to find out more about him and his family. All I know is that he died in 1979. Thank you

[email protected]



Littie Holmes

I'm looking for any information on my grandmother, Little Holmes, born 3/20/1889 in Oklahoma and on my grandfather, Hampton John Joel, Sr., born around 1885 also in Oklahoma. They had six children, Alice, John, Doss, LeRoy, Dan and Esabel. I have been able to trace my grandmother somewhat back to her grandparents but names only and not much else. Her parents were Levi and Mima Holmes, later a step-father named Archibald Holmes. Her maternal grandparents were Thompson and Alese Morrison. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

[email protected]

Cynthia Parnell

I am researching my grandmothers line and am seeking information on Cynthia Parnell. The only info I have on her is that she died about 1855. Also noted was that her father was Choctaw, but it doesn't give his name. Any information will be greatly appreciated and graciously returned if we have the same family line. Thank you Rev. Randall Sanders

[email protected]




Benjamin Nash

I am looking for any information on a Benjamin Nash, Benjamin James, or James Nash. He is my ggg-grandfather and was reportedly one of the chiefs who signed the Dancing Rabbit Creek Treaty in 1830. I am looking to find his Choctaw name. The name that I have is a Christian name that was taken sometime after the signing of the treaty. His daughter is Lacy (Nash) Allen, my great-great-grandmother. Please help me find out who this is. Thank you very much.

Jessica Browning

[email protected]



Simon P. Nelson

I am looking for any information on my Choctaw family. My great-great-grandfather was Simon P. Nelson born around 1845, died somewhere between 1992 and 1996.  He was a probate and county judge of Gaines County. His son George Nelson, was an Indian Agent for 35 years. He married Mary Agnes (Mickle) they had 5 children and my grandfather George Nelson Jr. was one of them,  They lived in Pittsburg County, McAlester, Oklahoma. 

Betty Whitmore

5905 Winslow Rd.

Marion, Iowa 52302

[email protected]


Ellen Myrtle Gatewood

I am looking for information regarding my grandmother, Ellen Myrtle Gatewood from around the Broken Arrow region, she was born in 1896 and married Tom Whitener. It is believed she was Choctaw and we are trying to find a roll number for the Gatewoods. My name is Ferrie Whitener.

[email protected]




Thomas Jefferson Perry

I am looking for information on my great grandfather; Thomas Jefferson Perry, who was Choctaw. He married a Barbara Lee and they had children, one being Marjorie Catherine Perry my grandmother adn her brother, Percy Perry who lived in Long Beach, California. All I know of Thomas J. Perry is that his mother's name was Rachel and she came on the trail of tears. My grandmother was born in Wagoner, Oklahoma. Any information would be appreciated. My grandmother Marjorie was married to Clemith Augusta Gandy and for the reminding of their older years they lived in Taft, Ok.

[email protected]

Billy Joe Pittman

I am looking for any information on "Billy Joe Pittman", born between 1920 and 1930. He is a Choctaw Indian from Oklahoma. He married Ruby Gladys Hill in Bonham, Texas. They had a daughter named "Billie Joyce Pittman". Thank you for any help in this matter.

[email protected]




William C. Crabaugh

I am looking for a possible connection to the people of the Choctaw Nation. According to the marriage record for my great grandfather William Charles Crabaugh he was "of the Choctaw Nation". William C. Crabaugh was married on June 2, 1892 in Ft. Smith, AR to Susan Blackwell also listed as "of the Choctaw Nation". In an earlier marriage record also from Ft. Smith, AR there was a James Fewell married to another Blackwell. James Fewell was the uncle of William C. Crabaugh. William C. Crabaugh was the son of Isaac and Sarah Jane Fewell Crabaugh. Thank you Brenda DeMarce

James Robert Henderson

I am trying to find James Robert Henderson born 1840: married to Sarah Moore in 1874. Also looking for a Greenberry Phillips or Thornberry Phillips. Any information would be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you



Lee Adam Bond

I am looking for any information on my father Lee Adam Bond. To my understanding he lived most if not all of his life in Ardmore, Oklahoma. I know very little about him. I know that I have brothers, sisters and other family who live in Ardmore. My father was Choctaw and passed away in 1988. If anyone has any information please let me know.

Beard Job Harvey

I am looking for information regarding my grandfather's family. He lived most of his life in the Damon Valley outside Wilburton, Oklahoma. He had two sisters, Berthy and Sissy. Please let me know if you know of any of his extended family members. Thanks Rhonda Willmott (Sturges) Oklahoma City



Arnold Harvey & Inita (Harvey) Logan

I am looking for my aunt and uncle. He is Arnold Gloyd Harvey and my aunt (his sister) is Inita (Harvey) Logan, she also goes by Pete. They were long time residents in Wilburton, Oklahoma until around 1997 and have not been heard from since. They are both Choctaws. If you know their whereabouts, please email.

Thanks so much

Rhonda Wilmott (Sturges)

William Isaac

I am looking for ancestors to my Grandfather William Isaac, on my father's birth certificate it only gives my grandfather's age of 45 years. The year was 1929. My father Gerald Wesley Isaac Sr. was born on October. 17, 1929 in LeFlore County. I would appreciate any information on how to locate information concerning my grandfather. Thank you so much.

Kay Sympson

Louisa Frazier

I am researching original enrollee - ancestor; Louisa Frazier. She was approximatly 25 years old in 1902. She married Rush Walzer. among their children was a daughter; Katie Mae birth September 24, 1910 death February 2, 1970. I am trying to establish the recorded documented link between mother Louisa and daughter Katie Mae. Katie later married Luke Lewis. Any suggestions, recommendations would be appreciated.


Looking for information on the JONES and other related lines of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma "after removal from Mississippi to Indian Territory" now Oklahoma. Solomon Jones had seven known sons below is a list with the surnames of other Choctaw families who married into or connected in some way. As you can see most are well known Choctaw surnames. 

Impson Jones: James, Lane, Ward, Folsom & Talbert "lived in Atoka Co., area" Robin Jones: Fowler, Bryant, Bacon, LeFlore "the first three died before enrollment on the Dawes Rolls but many of their children are enrolled". Wallace Jones: Bond, Kincade, Neely, Dodson, Mosley, Bledsoe "lived in the Bryan Co., area". Noel Jones: Armstrong, Jones (White), Key, Payne, Wilson, Wise, Wolf "lived in the Atoka & Coal Co., areas". Sam Jones: Ellis "lived in the Atoka Co., area". Edmond Jones: Horne, James, Johnson, Davis, McKinney, Seymour, Weaver "lived in the Atoka, Bryan & Choctaw Co., areas". The four youngest sons are enrolled. For more information check out our website or email me. Thank you

Tammy Dice Jones

~ The Jones Family of the Choctaw Nation~


John Aaron (Holton) Nelson

I am searching/researching any and all information relating to one John Aaron "Johnny" Nelson. Born on August 25, 1912 in Blue, Oklahoma. Born to Gooding Holton (Choctaw, Roll #9684) and Sina (Nelson) Holton (Choctaw, Roll #10665). Sina Holton died March 23, 1913. Gooding Holton gave his consent for adoption to Gilbert (Choctaw, Roll #9810) and Martha Nelson (Choctaw, Roll #9928). Johnny died on March 19, 1985, in Talihina, OK. To the best of my knowledge Johnny lived in/near the Tishomingo area. This is where he married one Theresa Wallis. They had one child named, Sina Nelson (my mother). Later divorced Theresa Wallis. Theresa kept custody of Sina. Later in Johnny's life, he was declared incompetent. His guardian was: Permelia Nelson. Any information would be greatly appreciated.






Mandy Glass

I am looking for relatives who may have information about my great-great-grandmother Mandy Glass. She was born in Mississippi sometime around the civil war or just awards. She is Choctaw. She moved to Northern Louisiana around 1875? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Lucius Martin

Minnie Webster-Dixon-Davis-Foy

If anyone knowing anything about Minnie Webster-Dixon-Davis-Foy please email me. She was born around 1890 and lived in the San Bois area in her early years. Her mother's name was Jency Webster, first known married name. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you


Searching for any information on Pebsworth/Pebworth...Also seeking information on Annie Mae Horn Pebsworth, married James Lee Pebsworth (son of John Pebsworth, grandson of Henry & Patsy) on Sept. 19, 1905, had two children, Dorothy and George Lee. Annie Mae could have used the name of Anna Marie Reeder...Reeder could have been a second marriage or possibly the last name of her sister. Any information on the Pebsworth/Pebworth lineage will be greatly appreciated.

Effie Marie Parkin

My grandmothers name was Effie Marie Parkin she was born in Rombauer, Missouri on May 19, 1907 and died in Poplar Bluff, Missouri on August 6, 1965. I have been told that she was either full-blood Choctaw or one half. We are doing a family tree and I don't feel that it could be complete without including my grandmother and her rich ancestry. Her married name was Thompson. Thank you in advance for any and all help. Brad Thompson


Teddi Irvin is looking for cousin, His name if Wilbur Wilson. Wilbur is Emma  Everidge Wilson's grandson he lives in California some where. 

Teddi is also seeking family information on her ancestors. here is the story.   I'm a descendent of Joel Everidge, Joseph W.Everidge and Suzie Ervin Everidge from Frogville, IT.My great great parents were Supreme Justice Joel Everidge and Sophia Folsom; Great Grandparents were Joe Everidge and Susan "Suzie" Ervin, her parents were Calvin David Ervin and Sallie Gibson - Indian name Abafukubbea. I need to know more about the Ervin side of the family. Suzie Ervin's brother was Christopher Columbus Ervin. My grandmother was Josie Maye Everidge Irwin. Any help will be great
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Wilbor Wilson after contacting Teddi ask if we could post a question, here it is:   Question  about Calvin David Ervin (1816-1892)? He first married Sally Gibson in Alabama. How did he end up in Indian Territory without getting on any Choctaw census? Also does anyone know who his second wife was? Contact me by e-mail at . Thank you, Wilbor Wilson

Judy is looking for the following

Looking for any Anderson relatives of Daniel Sr. & Jenny Anderson of Ms. in the late 1700's or early 1800's. They had sons: John who married Mary Bohannan, Joseph , Rueben and Daniel Jr. Also looking for Soloman Anderson Sr., He lived in Mobile Co. then moved to Ms. He had a daughter named Clara Anderson who was my husband's ggg-grandmother.


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Hello,   I am from the Nail family of Choctaws, do you know of any ?

I am Dennis Ferguson - B-1943, my father is Cecil Ray Ferguson - B-1914. his mother was Mary L. Nail - O.Enr.  B-1891. her father was Joe Nail - O.Enr.  B-1866, his father/mother was Morris Nail/Sophia Holefield all born OK/Choctaw Nation/I.T. previous ancestors born in Mississippi. Mary Nail had several brothers and sisters. Mary Lewis Nail born Soper, I.T. 1891 and died Tecumseh, OK 1991 at age 100 years. Mary had 4 children. Mary has a nephew named Jack Nail in Oregon. Mary has a niece named Peg Smith in CA.  Dennis Ferguson

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Bill Harrison's Lines:  Folsom, Robinson, Nail, McCracken * Theresa is looking for Wm Taylor & Pleasant Taylor & his wife Hellen

Contact: Theresa Harrison -  P.O. Box 80862 - Bakersfield, CA 93380


In Great Respect...
We would like to remember Gabe Paxton

Jan. 18th, 1925 to Feb. 1st, 2007

Dr. S. Gabe Paxton, Jr.

Gabe Paxton was born on January 18th, 1925 to Swinney and Edna Paxton in Talihina on original Indian allotment land and died on February 1, 2007 in Southern California.

A Talihina Native, Gabe was an accomplished pianist who traveled with quartets in OK and AR. In 1942 Gabe enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps. His tour of duty took him to Tarawa, Okinawa, and Saipan where he was shot and injured. He was discharged from the Marines in 1946, taking with him a Purple Heart Medal, Pacific Theatre Ribbon with three Battle Stars, two Presidential Unit citations, and the Good Conduct Medal.

Upon returning from WWII he married Ada Gaynell and they started their family. Gabe attended Eastern Oklahoma State College and Oklahoma Baptist University. He obtained his Masters Degree at Northern Arizona University; and eventually received his Doctorate of Education Degree from Pennsylvania State University in 1973.

Gabe’s career focused on Indian Education. Working for the Bureau of Indian Affairs, he served as Principle at the Colorado Day School and as a Guidance Counselor on both Hopi and Pima Reservations. He worked as an Education Specialist at Indian Boarding Schools in Riverside, CA & Tahlequah, OK. He was the Deputy Director at the Area office in Anadarko and Self Determination Officer in Muskogee, OK. He retired from the Bureau of Indian Affairs Senior Executive Service as Deputy Director of Indian Education in Washington, D.C., in 1982.

After his first retirement, Gabe returned to Talihina and worked for the Choctaw Nation Hospital as the Administrator, Personnel Director and as the Director of Education & Training. He also served as a Choctaw Tribal Judge. In 1992 he moved to California where he resided until his death.


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